2019 Annual Subscriptions

2019 Full Membership Seven Days a Week

Play 19 local / UK Clubs for free

No Joining Fee

Free Junior Membership

2019 Five Days a Week

Play 9 local clubs for free

No Joining Fee

Free Junior Membership

All subscriptions can be paid either upfront or just pay £135 and rest by monthly DD ( includes a 5% administration charge).

If you join part way through the subscription year, fees are calculated on a pro rata basis.

No joining fees – and free Junior membership for any relative if you join.

An additional unique benefit when you join Lee Park is that you will be entitled to free courtesy at 19 golf clubs throughout the UK.

Locally: - Ashton-in-Makerfield; Bidston; Gathurst; Huyton & Prescot; Leasowe; Prenton; West Derby, Widnes, Woolton.

Others are: -  Whitefield (Manchester); Moor Allerton (Leeds); Shirley (Birmingham); Bonnyton (Glasgow); Edmonstown (Dublin); and 5 clubs in the London area: – Abridge; Hartsbourne; Potters Bar; Dyrham Park; Coombe Hill.

2019 Rates

Junior Membership (aged 8-14)£50FREE If your relative is a member
Junior Membership (aged 15-18)£100FREE If your relative is a member
Colt Membership (aged 19-20)£250
Colt Membership (aged 21-24)£500
Colt Membership (aged 25-30)£750
Full Membership (aged 30 and over)£1055
5 Day Membership£835Any age – Mon-Fri & includes bank holidays
House Social Member£100
Course Status
Currently open
23.08.2019 15:54
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With the following restrictions: Preferred Lies on closely mown areas
  • 2019-08-23
  • 2019-08-24
  • 2019-08-25
  • 2019-08-26
  • 2019-08-27
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